The past few days in all its craziness…

After seeing all the screenshots of the emails people are getting now about reviews being removed, I went and saved all my photos from all my reviews. Almost 1000 photos later, saving them one by one, and I’m done! OMG!!, there had to have been an easier way for sure. At least I have them all backed up now along with my reviews on ARAT. Now to just sit back and wait for the dreaded email I guess…..
Going to try to spend tomorrow after work doing some social shares on my few reviews I have out that are due. Between setting up a blog and getting all my other social medias prepared, then having to save all my reviews and photos, its been too crazy to accomplish much actual reviewing between work and dealing with my 2 kiddos as well. Alas, tomorrow I will try to remedy that situation as well.
Until then…. 🙂

New Pattern Release!!

​I’ve released my 3rd pattern on ravelry!! Go check it out, and until midnight tonight EST use code cloudy to get 50% off this pattern!! Share!!! 💜 

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Red Extreme

​This Ralph Lauren perfume smells so delightfully delicious! Very manly and I love it and so does my husband. We are defintely enjoying this complimentary sample we got for free to try, and will be investing in a bottle once it’s gone. #gotitfree #ralphlaurenfragrances #livelifetotheextreme @Influenster  Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme

Trick or Drink Wine Glass

I am usually a casual wine drinker on the weekends and I will occasionally have a glass at night to wind down after a long day at work. My kids also contribute massively to this said wine drinking as well. I have tons of wine glasses and matching crystal sets but I think this one is my new favorite. It’s made from a  durable plastic so I don’t have to worry about the accidental drop or it getting broke. The best part is that it has a lid though! So awesome because I might spill occasionally or a kid knocks my drink over and spills it. This helps slow down any spilled amount drastically. The straw is cute as well and has the bottom where it stays in the cup if you pull it all the way to the top. Halloween is the best, so the fact that this is themed like that, another awesome factor. I love the cute sparkly design, and the cup is great! Definitely an awesome investment for wine drinkers,or a present for one. Or even if you don’t drink, it’s a super cute Halloween cup!

#gotitfree #freetoreview

I received this item for free to review. Get yours here.

Solid Grosgrain Ribbon

I have a small home based business that I run with my mom and one of my friends Heather. My oldest daughter, who is 6, contributes occasionally when she is in the mood. We do a variety of things that we sell such as crochet items, sewing, and making hair-bows. I received this pack of ribbon and I gave it to Heather because she is the hair-bow making genius of the bunch. She loves to make them and she is really great at it. With it being so close to Halloween, she has been making lots of Halloween inspired type bows. She just made a ghost and a pumpkin and used some of this ribbon with that project. This is a very nice amount of ribbon for the great price that it is, especially being on sale right now. There is a large variety of color, and you get 20 different color pieces in this set. There is 40 yards of ribbon overall, and it is the 3/8″ width ribbon. The pieces have 2 yards in each of them, which is a great amount to use to make small projects or simple bows with. Its nice quality ribbon, and you definitely cant beat the price for all that you get. 

I did receive this product for free to review. Get yours here:

Gypsy Ruffled Ombre Fabric Shower Curtain

We have a blue bathroom at my house, thanks to me letting my fiance have free roam in the painting choices before we moved in. It surprisingly to me turned out better than I expected it to though because it is a brighter blue than I would have ever used. I have used other colors in our bathroom to try to tone it down some and for color variety. I received this shower curtain and I put it in there. It looks amazing! I really love this shower curtain, it is so cute and really looks great in there. It draws your focus when you go in there, and we have had numerous compliments on it as well. Its really cute and some what girly because of the ruffles, but the blue hues make it more universal and my fiance actually likes it too. It definitely beats the green one we had in there beforehand. It is nice quality, and it is thick and seems like it is very well made. It feels more study and longer lasting material than all the other ones we have every used.

My only issue with it is that it makes your shower super dark, and unless your light is right near the shower or you maybe have a skylight, your gonna be taking a very dimly lit shower. There’s enough light to be able to take a shower, but I have to pull the edge of the curtain back for important stuff like shaving so I dont cut half my leg off. (lol) But seriously is does blackout more light than I would have liked for it to. 

I did receive this item for free to test out and review. Get yours here. 



Awesome Silicone Baking Cups!

Silicone bake-ware is definitely my new favorite go to when baking! I absolutely love them and they are so much easier to cook with. They are also a breeze to clean up after wards compared to other metal bake ware after use.

These are really cute and bright colors that are so much fun to cook with. There is 8 different colors in the set and each one is just as cute as the other. My kids love them, and are constantly trying to take them to their play kitchen to play with if we are not using them to bake something. We have used them a few times since we received them.

We made some key lime cupcakes with them at first and then we made some strawberry cheesecake muffins another day. Both of my kids helped with making both of it, so it’s not the prettiest things, but they were delicious and we had a good time together making them.

They are really easy to clean after you are done, and they wash up really easily if you go ahead and wash them shortly after use instead of letting them sit. It is even easier if you go ahead and put them in the dish water to sit for a few minutes before washing to loosen up any residue that might have stuck from what you made.

They cool off extremely fast once they come out of the oven. I put mine on a baker so that they are more stable since silicone is not, and as soon as they come out i take them off the baker with my bare hands and sit them on a cooling rack. They are still hot, but not enough that they burn you or anything. Then within a few minutes they are completely cooled off.

I would flip over whatever you cook (muffins or cupcakes) while still in the cups and lightly squeeze it all around to loosen it to pop it out easily. They work great, we love them, and I would recommend them to anyone who likes to bake!

I received this item for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Link to order:

First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Hello everyone. I have started this blog as a way to get out some of my day to day stuff. I am an avid crocheter, so you will see many of my creations here from my business page on Facebook ( I am an obsessed amazon reviewer, so that will be shared here as well. I have 2 kids that are my world and my eternal stress, and quite possibly a cause of early grey hairs (Im only 27.) I am a SAHM, WAHM, as well as a small business owner. Life is busy, hectic, lovely, amazing, and nonstop all at once. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂