Gypsy Ruffled Ombre Fabric Shower Curtain

We have a blue bathroom at my house, thanks to me letting my fiance have free roam in the painting choices before we moved in. It surprisingly to me turned out better than I expected it to though because it is a brighter blue than I would have ever used. I have used other colors in our bathroom to try to tone it down some and for color variety. I received this shower curtain and I put it in there. It looks amazing! I really love this shower curtain, it is so cute and really looks great in there. It draws your focus when you go in there, and we have had numerous compliments on it as well. Its really cute and some what girly because of the ruffles, but the blue hues make it more universal and my fiance actually likes it too. It definitely beats the green one we had in there beforehand. It is nice quality, and it is thick and seems like it is very well made. It feels more study and longer lasting material than all the other ones we have every used.

My only issue with it is that it makes your shower super dark, and unless your light is right near the shower or you maybe have a skylight, your gonna be taking a very dimly lit shower. There’s enough light to be able to take a shower, but I have to pull the edge of the curtain back for important stuff like shaving so I dont cut half my leg off. (lol) But seriously is does blackout more light than I would have liked for it to. 

I did receive this item for free to test out and review. Get yours here. 




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