Solid Grosgrain Ribbon

I have a small home based business that I run with my mom and one of my friends Heather. My oldest daughter, who is 6, contributes occasionally when she is in the mood. We do a variety of things that we sell such as crochet items, sewing, and making hair-bows. I received this pack of ribbon and I gave it to Heather because she is the hair-bow making genius of the bunch. She loves to make them and she is really great at it. With it being so close to Halloween, she has been making lots of Halloween inspired type bows. She just made a ghost and a pumpkin and used some of this ribbon with that project. This is a very nice amount of ribbon for the great price that it is, especially being on sale right now. There is a large variety of color, and you get 20 different color pieces in this set. There is 40 yards of ribbon overall, and it is the 3/8″ width ribbon. The pieces have 2 yards in each of them, which is a great amount to use to make small projects or simple bows with. Its nice quality ribbon, and you definitely cant beat the price for all that you get. 

I did receive this product for free to review. Get yours here:


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